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Call 973-714-2748 -No Texts- Spend some carefree time with an adorable Cornish Rex kitten. Looking for that special Cornish kitten? Our family friendly site offers Cornish rex kittens for sale . Ultra Rex Cattery welcomes kitten lovers everywhere . . Kittens for sale $799.00 and up. Utrarex Cattery 

Officially registered in the USA for Cornish Rex Cats and Kittens Our Cornish Rex kittens are born in the USA!!

Cornish rex cats and cornish rex kittens present an initial appearance of being fragile, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cornish rex cats are hardy and long-lived, but are strictly indoor pets. Rex Cats have huge ears and eyes, a long tubular body and long whippy tail. Cornish Rex Cats therexcatsite stand high on their legs and have little round feet. Being extremely athletic, the Cornish Rex are heavily muscled in the flank area and have a recognizable "Rex waist" which does not exist with other breeds. Cornish also have distinctive arch in their back, another unique feature of this rex breed. Rex cats appear to be walking on tiptoe. The Cornish rex breed is finely boned and has a lean, elegant, model-like look. Cornish have a very unique overall look which has been likened to a movie alien animal by some. Gossip has it that Steven Spielberg created the model of E.T.'s head, his famous space creature, using characteristics of the Cornish Rex and Devon rex breeds.    Cornish rex cats have some unusual characteristics and behaviors that set them apart from other breeds of cat.

First, having only one coat instead of the usual three coats, the body temperature of the Cornish is routinely 1-2 degrees higher than other cats. They feel like little crushed velvet heating pads. This can be disquieting to the vet who is unfamiliar with the rare Cornish Rex breed. Kittens are born fully coated and waved from head to tail tip. Usually within a week or two of birth, the majority of Cornish kittens lose their waves and are covered with a fine, short "fuzz". Kittens grow their first full coat by the time they are four or five months old, sometimes earlier. The Rex Cat Site has found that as long as a Cornish kitten is born fully waved, they will have the wonderful, wavy Cornish rex coat our cats are known for. The Cornish coat grows upward from the belly to the back, with the head, tail and legs growing the fastest. Since Rex cats usually sit on their tails and the coat is fragile, there will often be a bare spot on the top of the tail from friction with their own bodies. Another poser for vets who are inexperienced with the Cornish Rex breed is the fact they produce dark brown to black ear wax which is mistaken for an ear problem until a sample is examined under a microscope. This error has embarrassed more than one vet over the years. Perhaps it is the dog-like behavior of the Cornish Rex which sets the breed apart from many others. Cornish love to learn and do tricks, answer the doorbell, play chase and fetch. cornish rex cats
new Cornish rex kittens for sale Rex are especially compatible with other household pets, dogs in particular, and highly interactive with their household and all activities around them.

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